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Dog Supawfoods: Top 10 Nutritious Superfoods For Your Dog

Well…. after writing, rewriting, and writing some more I have finally released my very first ebook!!! Introducing…

Dog Supawfoods: Top 10 Nutritious Superfoods For Your Dog

The book came about when I realised that in feeding my own dogs, I often include all manner of weird and wonderful ingredients to their meals. This is often to increase the nutrient content or provide them with antioxidants and other health-promoting ingredients. Read more…

Dog Birthday Party Celebration: Poppy Turns 6

The only thing better than a birthday party is a dog birthday party. Poppy turned 6 last week so of course, we had to celebrate and spoil her a little more than she gets spoiled all of the other 364 days in the year.

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Anti-Nausea Ginger & Bone Broth Jellies For Dogs

Nausea can strike your dog for a number of different reasons, but perhaps the most common cause is motion sickness when travelling in the car. In this post, I share the recipe for a natural motion sickness remedy for dogs that will help calm your dog’s tummy and make car rides much more pleasant for both you and them.

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Dog Friendly Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe

In this post, I wanted to share a great little recipe for a dog friendly smoothie that both you and your pup will enjoy.

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DOG RECIPE: Stomach Soothing Herbal Broth

This stomach soothing herbal broth has come to the rescue on numerous occasions in our household.

Dogs will be dogs… and unfortunately that sometimes means eating things that they most certainly wind up regretting. Read more…

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