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A More Natural Heartworm Protocol For Dogs

I saw my first mosquito of the season the other day, which means the weather is starting to warm up where we live. It also means it is time to start my heartworm regime on the dogs.

Most pet parents administer the standard year-round, monthly tablet, or yearly and twice yearly injection, but my approach is a little…. different. Read more…

Dog Birthday Party Celebration: Poppy Turns 6

The only thing better than a birthday party is a dog birthday party. Poppy turned 6 last week so of course, we had to celebrate and spoil her a little more than she gets spoiled all of the other 364 days in the year.

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Anti-Nausea Ginger & Bone Broth Jellies For Dogs

Nausea can strike your dog for a number of different reasons, but perhaps the most common cause is motion sickness when travelling in the car. In this post, I share the recipe for a natural motion sickness remedy for dogs that will help calm your dog’s tummy and make car rides much more pleasant for both you and them.

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How To Cope When Your Pet Dies

The internet shed a collective tear recently when it was reported that Tom Hardy’s beloved dog Woody passed away, and the heartfelt letter he penned made the rounds of social media. I think the reason this story touched so many hearts was that people related to this beautiful bond and saw their own feelings about their pets reflected in Tom Hardy’s words. Read more…

Jun 14, 2017

My Visit To A Hemp Expo

This past weekend I visited the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney. I had no idea what to expect, but I ended up having a really great time and came away with a huge appreciation for all the benefits this amazing little plant has to offer.

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May 29, 2017

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