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A More Natural Heartworm Protocol For Dogs

I saw my first mosquito of the season the other day, which means the weather is starting to warm up where we live. It also means it is time to start my heartworm regime on the dogs.

Most pet parents administer the standard year-round, monthly tablet, or yearly and twice yearly injection, but my approach is a little…. different. Read more…

Anti-Nausea Ginger & Bone Broth Jellies For Dogs

Nausea can strike your dog for a number of different reasons, but perhaps the most common cause is motion sickness when travelling in the car. In this post, I share the recipe for a natural motion sickness remedy for dogs that will help calm your dog’s tummy and make car rides much more pleasant for both you and them.

Read more…

10 Reasons I Don’t Feed My Dog Kibble

“I don’t feed my dogs kibble!” These 6 words started an uncomfortable and frustrating supermarket discussion with a lady I will affectionately nickname ‘Cheryl’. Read more…

What To Do If Your Dog Is Bitten By A Snake

This morning I went on a little trip to heart attack city. Population – ME.

I was enjoying my morning coffee and heard the dogs barking at something outside. I initially ignored it because caffeine is the most important meal of the day, but they continued on and something about the way they were barking struck me as strange. Read more…

Detox Tips For Your Dog (and you)

This is the time of year the word “detox” gets thrown around like confetti.

Most of us probably over indulged a little over the Christmas and New Year period and even your four-legged friend most likely received a few too many unhealthy treats from under the Chrissie table.

Many of us see the start of a brand new year as an opportunity to cleanse and refresh our systems for the year ahead, so why not do it together with your dog and embark on a doggie detox.

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