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What is a Naturopath?

A naturopath is a natural health practitioner trained to employ modalities such as herbal and nutritional medicine in their approach to healing. Naturopaths aim to address the underlying cause of disease in order to improve and restore the health of an individual or animal.

Herbs used for natural remedies-lavender-calendula-rosemary


Can I bring my dog to see you for a consultation?

Barking Botanicals is not offering a naturopathic consultation service at this time. We aim to provide an array of well-researched information on natural dog health via our blog. The information contained in the blog is not intended to replace veterinary advice, and we highly recommend having your dog’s health assessed by a veterinarian should you have any concerns.


Who is the super cute dog in all of your photos?

That right there is Poppy, the resident pooch at Barking Botanicals. Poppy is an ex pound pup and was also the inspiration behind the brand. Find out more about Poppy here.





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