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Detox Tips For Your Dog (and you)

This is the time of year the word “detox” gets thrown around like confetti.

Most of us probably over indulged a little over the Christmas and New Year period and even your four-legged friend most likely received a few too many unhealthy treats from under the Chrissie table.

Many of us see the start of a brand new year as an opportunity to cleanse and refresh our systems for the year ahead, so why not do it together with your dog and embark on a doggie detox.

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What’s Really Inside Dog Toothpaste

Late last year I was lucky enough to attend the Masterchops Canine Health and Nutrition Seminar in Melbourne, Australia. It was hosted by Phivo “The Dog Health Guy”, and at the risk of sounding like a complete nutter – it was SERIOUSLY one of the best days of my life! Read more…

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