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6 Ways To Use Lavender In The Car To Calm Your Dog

Not all dogs love a doggie road trip, and many dogs become quite distressed, anxious or over excited when travelling in the car. Lavender has a lovely calming scent and can be used very effectively to soothe an anxious dog.

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DOG RECIPE: Stomach Soothing Herbal Broth

This stomach soothing herbal broth has come to the rescue on numerous occasions in our household.

Dogs will be dogs… and unfortunately that sometimes means eating things that they most certainly wind up regretting. Read more…

Grow Your Own Dog First Aid Kit

I love my little garden, and in particular my ever-growing collection of medicinal and healing plants.

While there are many of nature’s little healers to choose from, no dog owning home should be without 2 of my absolute favourites – Yarrow & Aloe Vera. This dynamic duo is super handy to have in the garden next time your pooch gets an ouchie.

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