FLEAS: How I Eliminated Them Naturally

Disaster struck our household recently…. I discovered 2 fleas on Poppy.

Now, if there is one thing that sends me into a mad panic it’s the idea of a flea infestation in my home and on the dogs. So after spotting the little jumping creatures of doom I went into disaster response team mode, complete with HAZMAT suit and breathing apparatus (slight exaggeration but you get the picture).

Wherever possible I try to minimise exposure to unnecessary toxins and potentially harmful treatments and chemicals. Over the years I have tried numerous natural flea treatments with varying degrees of success. This time though I went in all guns blazing.

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HOWL-A-WEEN Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats

These healthy and dog friendly frozen treats are perfect for your pooch to enjoy and share in the spooky fun this Halloween.

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Oct 25, 2016

Healthy Homemade Kong Recipe

My doggies absolutely love their Kong toys because they are delicious and fun. I love them because it keeps them busy and provides them with mental and physical stimulation.

Rather than buy store bought Kong fillers that are loaded with crap less than ideal ingredients. I like to experiment with my own homemade and nutritious fillings.

Here is a super simple recipe to try, that I guarantee your pooch will luuuuuurve….healthykongrecipe

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Deer Antler Chews – Are They Safe For Your Dog?

A sad, sore and miserable dog with a broken tooth, a nice big vet bill and much colourful language later, I learnt the hard way that perhaps deer antler chews are not the safe and natural chew toy alternative I had initially thought.

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Coconut & Calendula Dog Nose Balm Recipe

This easy and all natural dog nose balm recipe uses only 3 ingredients, and will put the shine and lustre back into your dog’s dry and cracked nose.

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