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Rita a canine naturopath from Barking Botanicals a natural animal therapies business

Hiya. My name is Rita. Qualified naturopath and certified crazy dog lady.

I created Barking Botanicals after being inspired by the health journey of my very own trusty sidekick and the little ray of sunshine on four legs – Poppy.

My husband and I adopted Poppy in 2012 shortly after she had been surrendered to a Sydney pound. She was underweight, malnourished and had just given birth to a litter of puppies. She was in desperate need of love, care, and squishy cuddles.

dog before and after

It was around this time that I was completing my naturopathy studies and began to wonder whether some of what I was learning about human health and healing could also be applied to Poppy… and so the experimenting began. This approach included natural nutrition and herbal medicine combined with exercise, training, and plenty of love.

Rita and her dog Poppy from Barking Botanicals a natural animal therapies business

After only a short amount of time Poppy’s health started to improve and she was soon beaming with vitality. She had most definitely transformed from the sad and skinny little girl we had met at the pound into a lean, mean, tail-wagging machine.

After seeing these results first hand, I was eager to research and study further in order to build my knowledge and skills. I am now thrilled to share some of what I have discovered about natural animal therapies via my blog.

Dog naturopath and dog Poppy from Barking Botanicals a natural animal therapies company sitting outdoors.

Poppy is the driving force that motivates me to find effective, safe and natural methods of keeping our canine amigos as healthy, happy and vivacious as can be. I am passionate about empowering you to help your own dogs thrive as nature intended.

Barking Botanicals aspires to nurture every dog’s inner bark…. naturally.

Rita x



The Human’s Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Certificate of Natural Animal Therapies Consultant – (Currently completing)

Professional Memberships

  • National Herbalists Association of Australia
  • Associate Membership College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies


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